About Us
What we are all about.
Greetings to All!

My name is Brenda Long and I am the owner of Night Dreams for Playful Adults. I would like to tell you a little bit about Night Dreams because so often people ask me why I made the decision to open an erotic boutique. I love to tell the story.

It all started in 1975. I was divorced and a single mother. I met a man much older than me whom I immediately fell for. He wanted me to wear sexy lingerie, but that posed a problem because in the '70's there were hardly any places in Washington metro area where typical middle class women could buy lingerie. In an effort to remedy this problem, I started a lingerie mail order business. This became frustrating because the process was just too long and arduous. One night I was having a discussion with my guy about my frustrations and how I longed to go in a store to purchase unique and sexy lingerie. His immediate response was, "Why don't you open this store, and then you can have all the lingerie you wish." I thought to myself, nice thought - the idea of opening a boutique, but I didn't have money or collateral. But fortunately I had a strong support system - my family. After much thought, I decided WHY NOT give it a try! Hence, the start of a long, tedious journey and the opening of my first boutique.

Thank goodness for the support of my family! My grandmother, who worked for a lingerie manufacturer and owned the most gorgeous peignoir sets, was great encouragement for me. Not only did she support me by lending money, but also her advice and expertise were invaluable. She insisted that women should dress up at night to make themselves feel good and that doing so would enhance their relationship. Additionally, my mom and dad supported me greatly.

My main focus for the store was that it had to be comfortable, in a prime location, and inviting to everyone - no matter what their lifestyle. I get such a sense of satisfaction and pride every time a customer says to me, "If only you had done this sooner!" NIGHT DREAMS is a colorful boutique filled with lingerie for men and women, an array of adult toys, and other treats that I invite you to experience.

Night Dreams are professional retail stores. Our sales associates must pass an extensive training program which includes in-depth product knowledge before they are allowed to engage in the selling process. We encourage them to try our products so they can share first-hand their experiences with our customers.

I have a wonderful professional staff and customer service is at the forefront of our business. Upon entering one of our stores, you will be greeted and made to feel comfortable. Our sales associates are special, as a matter of fact, I call them "Dream Weavers." Selling our products can be challenging but that doesn't keep me from having high expectations of them. When you work for Night Dreams, you become part of the family. Your priority is to be the expert on the slaves floor and cater to the needs of our diverse customer base.

We stand behind our products and ensure your satisfaction with great return/exchange policy. For the conveneince of those who don't live in the washington area, we have an online store that you can shop in from anywhere in th world, 24 hours a day.

So that is the end of my saga. What started our as a store for elegant and provocative lingerie over the years has transformed into a boutique carrying more diverse inventory such as adult toys, ag gifts, fetish wear, shoes, leather, and much more. And what's more, we carry larger sized lingerie as well.

Come in today and let us help you fulfill your fantasy.

Brenda Long, owner
Night Dreams for Playful Adults!